Rhode MontijoLETOWN
Welcome to my
portfolio. Included
are samples of work
created for film,

animation, commercials,
and children's books.

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-Currently in post production is a half-hour animated holiday special based on one of my children's books, THE HALLOWEEN KID that was initially published by Simon & Schuster. I was the director and character designer. I also did some of the storyboards and background design.

-Intro to The Halloween Kid Animated Special.

- The Halloween Kid Animated Special was animated in Japan by 3D animation company, Sanzigen. It is 22 minutes and was animated in 3D, but I really wanted this special to have a retro look, so we tried to make it look like it was created with 2D animation. This took a little over two years to make and I personally worked in Japan for two months with a small crew of animators- with the aid of a translator. Because of the small team, I was involved with this production with every step of the way from directing to storyboarding to designing the characters, and to even doing a few of the background designs. It is one of the closest interpretations of my work to date. It is 100% complete and I'm very happy with the end result. We are currently looking for distribution for the project.

-HAPPY TREE FRIENDS Sample Episode: Eye Candy

-This was a fun series to work on and was one of the first animated online series. I co-created this with Kenn Navarro at Mondo Media. Together, we would split duties involved with the show. While we both worked on the stories, Kenn would handle the animation side while I directed and designed the characters. We both also contributed to doing voices.

-These are a few current character designs for an animated pilot for Amazon, THE ADVENTURES OF KNICKERBOCK TEETERTOP. I designed the main characters and some of the creatures in the show. I also created a few of the props.

-I recently designed a Halloween themed sticker pack for Facebook to enhance users' photos.

-These are a few designs for a feature film. This was one of the most fun character design jobs, but unfortunately it seems that this film is currently postponed.

-Currently in production is THE GUMAZING GUM GIRL! chapter book series for Disney/Hyperion, about gum-obsessed Gabby Gomez who accidently becomes a sticky superhero.

-These were submissions for Henry Selick (Director of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS and CORALINE) for a film that asked for character designs created in a Ronald Searle style. Even though it was based on another artist's style, it was fun to mimic the late, great, Ronald Searle!

-SUPER GRAMMAR is a book that my friend Tony Preciado wrote and that I illustrated. Published by Scholastic, it's a fun guide to visually teach concepts of grammar with superheroes. Being visual learners, this is a book that Tony and I wish we had in grade school.

-The Subject

-The Verb

-The Conjunction

-The Run-On Sentence
-CLOUD BOY published by Simon & Scuster was my first children's book and fullfilled a lifelong dream of wanting to make children's books. It's about a little boy that sculpts the shapes in the clouds that we see and how artists connect with people.

-BLOOD RUNNER by Jinx was a fun film-noir style game to design that took place inside the body. All the characters and backgrounds had an organic quality. This was one of my first jobs after graduating college.

-PABLO'S INFERNO, was my first comic book 5 issue mini series. (Colors by: Jenny Hansen)

-Here are some examples of my personal work including paintings and sculptures.